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What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary US of mobile payment services ISIS is date (local time), was announced to change the company name. Abbreviation in English of the al-Qaeda-based armed organization in expanding its influence in Iraq [Iraq Syria Islamic countries] (ISIS) the same because there is. ISIS (towards the mobile payment company) is, the US telecom carrier giant AT & T Mobility, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless is 00 years, NFC joint venture, which was launched in the (short-distance wireless communication standard) use mobile payment services provide the purpose of . American Express, Chase, and Wells Fargo credit card by registering to [Isis Wallet] app of iOS / Android, can use their card in the NFC of the terminal. ISIS of armed organizations to attack civilians and government forces in Iraq and Syria, has declared the establishment of the [Islamic State]. Michael Abbott, CEO of ISIS (towards the mobile payment company) is, [although the accident, not going to share the violence and synonymous of the group and the company name] and, although not easy [company name change, this is a correct decision I told and believe].

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