Bloodstain to rubble, ground subsidence = US military raid in the ...

What is the Islamic countries? Weblio dictionary [Cairo current events] clothing and blood stains on the rubble scattered, holes depressed largely on the ground. Extremist organization [Islamic State] (IS) Syria northwestern Idlib Prefecture, the site of the supreme leader Bagudadi suspect is said to have been killed. In the video, such as Iraqi TV can be seen from the local was reported, only trees are dotted around, think the top of the IS was plunged into despair and fear the residents shook the world (the new building) was lurking it was a wilderness, such as no. Doubt to IS leaders died = [no reliable information] and Russia Idlib province, Syria dissidents last stronghold against the Assad regime. Bagudadi suspects hideout was in Barisha close to the Turkish border. The prefecture is dominated international terrorist organization al-Qaeda-based terrorist organization, the activities of the IS is not transmitted many, the suspect is how to end up, whether such a mystery in many cases when a refuge from. US CNN television reported the view that [survive or not have been a last gasp].

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